Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hong Kong Haul

So as I am in Hong Kong, I have obviously done some shopping! Though I am having to control myself, as I do not have that much money, and no job D: But there's just so much I want to buy! Someone send me some monies, please. 

I know it does sound like I'm always making up excuses, but for nearly the last month, I have lent my laptop to my friend (she has some uni things to do, so being the lovely person I am, I let her use it), so I haven't had a chance to update as frequently as I would have liked. She needs it again, but I should be getting it back next week, so I can update weekly, fingers crossed.

I was originally going to have an outfit post, but it turns out my boyfriend cannot take photos to save his life! I don't mean to be horrible (I love him very much and stuff), but seriously! None of the photos came out useable... so he's going to need a little bit of practice.

Anyway, here's a few of the things I have bought... (I have more stuff!), a random photo of me posing by the window, and other miscellaneous things.