Friday, 30 August 2013

Summer's Nearly Over

Ah, I've been so bad, I'm still new to this blogging business so please forgive my lack of posts! Just being trying to sort my life out... looking for jobs, etc. I've been so poor D: But I've finally found a job. I promise to try and post more!

Considering summer is nearly over, I should take full advantage of the sun.... before the dark days dawn upon us.

In one of my previous posts, I spoke about sunflower sunglasses, and here they are! Aren't they cute. I have quite a mixture of florals in this look, from the sunflowers on my dungarees to my floral bag. I like flowers. If you look close enough, that is a mini totoro plushie attached to my bag, hehe, & my necklace is tiny binoculars! 

Sunglasses: Primark (flowers: own)
Necklace: Camden Market
Top: Primark
Dungarees: thrifted
Shoes: Topshop